Going from a restaurant concept 1987 to a full catering service in 1991, we have always thrived in an industry that focuses on great guest service. As one of LA's oldest catering companies, we consistently look for new ways to serve our guests and create a memorable experience for any occasion.



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Provides “Memorable Experiences” Catering

Food quality isn’t the only thing that makes a caterer great. Customer service has to be equally excellent. For our money, we bank on Shinmi Catering if you want to make the best impression on your party, meeting, or wedding guests. After building their restaurant in L.A. for four years, Shinmi took their business to the next level in 1991, now becoming one of the first Korean catering companies in L.A.

As much as we can rave about their prompt hands-on service from the moment you call until they take away the last of the setup, their authenticity is the thing that we love even more. Do you have relatives who refuse to eat takeout Korean? Guarantee they’ll think they were back in Korea at halmeoniui house!

-Lindsey Lee (Anime Impulse)